Lucky7, called 7 Up-7 Down, is the best casino betting game. Many people earn a lot of money with this casino game. Also, it is very easy to play.
Lucky 7 is very popular in India and other southeastern countries. It is very easy too. You need skills and luck to win the game. People who are good with cards can win big amounts in this game.

It is also less risky. So, we recommend it to beginners. They can master this game easily. 7 Up-7 Down will be played with a deck of cards. Some people also prefer to play Lucky7 with dice. But Lucky7 with cards is very popular globally.

What is Lucky 7/7 Up-7 Down? 

Lucky7 is a popular casino game in which players will predict the status of an upcoming card. Prediction is categorized into 3 different stages. Players can bet in every category and win real cash.

Lucky7, or 7 Up-7 down, is a type of card game. In this game, the player will get a timer of 20 seconds to place the bets. There are 3 different categories in which players can bet.

The bet is based on knowledge of cards and luck. Betting on Lucky 7 is very easy. Also, this game will share higher odds and winning percentages. You can easily win bets in lucky7 with a decent knowledge of cards.

How to bet on Lucky7? 

Both beginners and specialists can easily bet on Lucky7 and earn cash. This is because the winning percentage is higher as compared to other games.

To bet on lucky7 or 7Up-7Down, you need to understand the game. Firstly, we go with the basics. Lucky7 is a prediction game where players win cash by predicting the right outcome.

7 UP 

7 UP means a number greater than 7 formed in a dice or card. Numbers like 8, 9, 10 are 7 UP numbers. The player who picks 7 Up/7 High and numbers like 8, 9, and 10 will win the bet. Winning the 7 Up bet will double your invested amount. So, if you place a Rs. 1000 bet on 7 Up and number 9 comes, then your amount will become Rs. 2000

7 Down

Unlike 7 UP, 7 Down means the number is smaller than 7. Numbers like 1,2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are under the 7 down category. Players who bet on 7 Down and get 4 of the jack cards will win the bet. Your amount gets doubled if you win the bet in 7 Down.

Here, 7 means 7. It means that in case you place a bet on 7 numbers. As a result, if you get 7, you win the jackpot. If you predict 7 and 7 comes, you get 4 times your invested amount.

So, if you bet on 7 numbers and invest Rs. 1000, 7 spades come. You’ll get a 4000 rs winning amount. Here, the winning percentage is less, but winning is 4 times.

 Note:- odds of bets may vary between different sites. You may earn more than double in winning a 7 Up or 7 Down match. So, finding a genuine netting site for you will make you more profitable than others. 

Card prediction in Lucky7? 

Lucky7 is a game of numbers, but you can win with a card face. As we know, there are a total of 52 cards in the deck. These cards are divided into 4 categories of 13 each.

Spade, Diamond, Heart, and Clubs are 4 categories in which these 52 cards get divided. The club and spade are black, and the diamond and heart are red.

Both black and red category cards are placed separately. Now, players can get which color card will come with a number. If they hit the right category, they win the bet.

Suppose you bet on a heart, and the heart comes; then you’ll win the bet. Odds in this category of betting are also high. The player will get almost 2X of the amount invested on every win. The winning percentage in this category of bet is the highest.

Lucky 7 betting specific betting

There is also a category where players earn 10X to 12X of the amount invested. In this type of bet, the player must select a single number and bet.”The player will win the bet only if the bookie draws the exact card that was predicted.”. The odds in this type of bet are the highest. But, the winning percentage is the lowest. Still, many people do bet on specific cards and earn real cash.

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Winning percentage in Lucky7? 

The winning percentage in lucky7 is very decent. Anyone can easily find a good amount in lucky7 with a basic knowledge of cards.

  1. The winning percentage in 7 Up is around 46.15%
  2. In 7 Down, the winning percentage is around 46.15%
  3. If you want to bet on the card color/card category, the winning chances are 50%.
  4. The probability of hitting a 7-number jackpot and earning 4 times the amount invested is around 7.70% only.
  5. Lastly, the probability of drawing an even card is around 61.54%, and in the case of the odd card, the winning percentage is 38.46%
  6. Players who want to bet safely can go for color prediction. Other players can bet in any category and win real cash.

How to bet on Lucky7?

If you’re a beginner and must learn how to bet on Lucky7. Follow the steps below:-

  • Firstly, you need to find a trusted online betting site for you. Compare the performance of all betting sites online and choose the best for you.
  • Complete the registration and create an account in it. Make sure to share genuine details in it.
  • After creating an account, open the betting lobby and find lucky7 betting.
  • Open the lucky7 live broadcasting and add the money you want to bet.
  • Now, select the category in which you want to bet. Once you select the category, place the bet on it.

If your prediction is correct, then you’ll win the bet. After winning, the amount will be credited to your account.

Final words

Betting is a game of luck and expertise. If you do betting wisely, you’ll win. We’re not promoting any irresponsible betting habits. We only encourage responsible betting that helps you to win.

Lucky7 is a type of casino game in which everyone can win. But players will have to play wisely. We suggest new players start their betting career with lucky7 and become experts in this game. Always remember, irresponsible betting always leaves you at a loss. So, start lucky7 betting today and earn real cash.

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